Energy Saving Features:
Use of energy saving devices for (environment friendly electronic ballast) lighting and Key card automatic switching of lighting and power. And body heat-sensor sanitary fixtures in common areas.
Double glazed insulated unit type to be used in building fašade. Insulated glass unit has colored film filtering radiation and heat that reduces the energy required to cool the condo. It also reduces the noise that enters the condo.
European ventilation system provides a much better room circulation resulting in better air quality in the whole building including the garage areas.
Central European cooling system for efficient and reliable provision of cool air in the condominiums.
Re-use of heat energy for warm water.

Security and Safety:
Building Management System, Complete security and fire protection system. Fire code-compliant on quantity and location of fire detectors, fire alarm,and sprinkler system. Capability of Facilities management- for equipments like generic pumps, generator, elevator ,cooling equipment ,parking and the like.
24/7 CCTV surveillance plus physical surveillance.
Access card system for the Apartment units.
Automatic switching off of electrical mains in case of short-circuit.
Automatic switching on of smoke evacuation system in case of fire alarm and detection.
Automatic wet sprinkler system and standpipe system.
Standby Generator supply in case of power failure.
Fire escape with stair pressurization system.

Amenities Area (7th Floor)
State of the art fitness and wellness area.
European style separate sauna and steam baths, spas, lockers and shower rooms for men and women.
Refreshment corner.
Modern and organic landscaped infinity swimming pool.
Luxurious outdoor Jacuzzis.
Elegant, modernly equipped and spacious multi-purpose rooms with terrace for overflow events and other occasions.
Multi-purpose rooms can be clustered into simultaneous smaller rooms.
Safe and secure nursery corner with kiddie pool or sandbox with caregiver equipped with audio/video monitor and children recreational shows.
An exclusive SkyBar for residents and for members.

Other Modern Extra Features:
Card Access System for access control and monitoring.
High speed elevator system.
Intercom system.
Complete telecommunication system for CATV, RAM/Internet, and voice application.
Provision for satellite system.
Free Wi-Fi internet access at the lobby.
Modern and efficient remote controlled central air-conditioning system with air-conditioning units included.
Use of quality European materials.

Other Benefits:
Free membership to the SkyBar.